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Cosmetic Dentistry

Making teeth whiter
Tooth whitening is usually the best way of making teeth whiter, this is because it causes no permanent tooth damage or tooth tissue removal when the correct techniques are used. See our Toothwhitening Menu.

A small proportion of peoples teeth are not suitable for tooth whitening, other options exist such as porcelain veneers may be a suitable way to make these teeth whiter.
Changing the shape of teeth
Multiple ways exist to change the shape of your teeth. These include highly aesthetic white filling, porclain veneers, crowns and tooth augmentation
Straightening your teeth
In most cases the best way to straighten teeth is orthodontics (braces). This is usually done during the teenage years, when the teeth are going through a period of growth. However, many adults also have treatment to straighten their crooked teeth or to improve their appearance. The procedure can take much longer in adults and is therefore more expensive. For cosmetic reasons, clear or plastic braces can be used, which are hardly noticeable. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, first go along to your dentist and get their advice. Northern Ireland Dental Care are pleased to offer our patients Inman Aligner treatments. Inman Aligner is a simple orthodontic treatment which will straighten front teeth in a relatively short period of time (between 6 and 16 weeks) and at more attractive price than most adult orthodontic treatments. Please consult your dentist for more information.

Cosmetic contouring using veneers or white filling material can be used to improve the alignment (straighten) of teeth. This is ideal if you have teeth that are already crowned, veneered or heavily filled. However, in contouring the teeth a small amount of enamel would be lost. Contouring can also be used to improve the shape and appearance of your gums. These treatments are not recommended for young children.
Replacement of metal fillings.
Silver amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for well over 100 years and is a good functional filling material. There are no scientifically proven health risks with amalgam fillings but there disadvantages are there poor appearance and the fact that they do not bond (stick) to natural tooth.

If you would like you amalgam fillings replaced the main common alternatives are composite (white) filling, tooth coloured inlays/onlays or tooth coloured crowns. All teeth are different and to find the best solution for you it is best to talk through the options with your dentist.
Filling spaces where teeth are missing
There are a number of options for filling a space where a tooth is missing. The main options are dental implant, bridge, denture, orthodontics or leaving the space. Some or all of these options may be available to you but to find the best solution for you it is best to talk through the options with your dentist
Smile Makeovers
Smile makeovers involve the improvement of your dental appearance through a range of dental treatments. We appreciate at Northern Ireland Dental Care the importance of a perfect smile in modern society and we can fully advise you on how this can be achieved. Simple treatments can sometimes make a major difference or you may require more complex treatment to achieved the desired result. You can be assured that at Northern Ireland Dental Care you treatment will be fully discussed and explained, all costs presented before commencement of treatment and most importantly the healthiest treatment options recommended.


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